Are you about to visit the ruggedly beautiful and insanely wave-rich region of Southern Morocco? Here’s how to ensure you don't miss pumping surf.

After all, the Moroccan coastline can be tricky to navigate without prior knowledge. So with that in mind, we created a short and sharp guide and filled it with everything you need to know about surfing Southern Morocco.

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Essaouira - Taghazout - Agadir surf region

Southern Morocco encompasses the 150-kilometre-long stretch of coastline between Sidi Kaouki in the north and Anza in the south.

Within this stretch are a bunch of different surf zones that boast pointbreaks, beaches and hollow slabs, but the most well-known spot in Southern Morocco is Taghazout. It's here where you can surf the legendary Anchor Point and experience the unique bohemian-meets-Moroccan surf culture that Taghazout is famous for.

There's also Tamraght, which you may or may not have heard of. It's a village located about 10 minutes south of Taghazout. In our opinion, Tamraght offers a more laidback and authentic surf travel experience.

No matter where you bunker down though, all the spots on this list can be easily reached from either of these two locales.

When is the best time to surf Southern Morocco?

Like all surf zones around the world, the question of when is Southern Morocco at its best comes down to your surf skill level (click here to discover yours).

For beginners and those still learning the ropes, the *summer months are ideal. The waves are historically smaller and weaker, which means you can practice in surf suited to your abilities without the fear of being overwhelmed by heavier surf.

The weather and water are also way warmer than most of Europe, the UK and the States during these months, which means blue skies and sunny days plus boardshorts or bikinis sessions are possible.

For intermediate and advanced surfers seeking bigger, punchier surf, the autumn and winter months are where it’s at. Peak surf season is December to February when powerful ground swells travel thousands of kilometres from the North Atlantic and light up the entire Moroccan coast… much to the delight of our favourite Moroccan local.

The offshore tradewinds are also more consistent during this time, which makes for some very memorable days. Again, the air temp and water are also much more pleasant than in most of Europe, the UK or the States (but you’ll still need a wetsuit).

*In saying that, you can still book a trip during peak season as a beginner and find waves given the number of sheltered spots just south of Southern Morocco (Agadir etc.).

Where are the top 5 surf spots in Southern Morocco?

Now that you know a bit about this zone and the best time to visit we can dive into the good stuff - the best surf spots in Southern Morocco!

Trust us when we say that after multiple trips to these waves, they come with big wraps. So if you're wondering where the top 5 surf spots in Southern Morocco are located, wonder no more!

Sidi Kaouki - An expansive beach with lots of peaks (plus a sneaky reef)

Close to Essaouira and home in the 60s and 70s to a strong hippy culture, Sidi Kaouki is a beautiful surf destination for all levels.

Not only does this long beach have lots of individual sand banks to choose from, but there's even a sneaky reef and point break (hello, Cap Sim) if you want to up your game. Of course, Sidi Kaouki isn’t the best wave in Africa, but it's fantastic if you want to go from whitewash to green wave. Plus, the sand dunes and quintessentially Moroccan setting make it extra appealing.

Imsouane - One of the longest righthanders in the world

View from the top of the magic bay.

Another epic beginner spot, Imsouane is a classic Moroccan pointbreak and one of the longest righthanders in the world. It runs into a bay and longboarders often claim rides of hundreds of metres and more.

In saying that, shortboarders or more advanced surfers will enjoy Imsouane too. It has enough push and plenty of sections to whack if you feel so inclined. Most of the time though it’s a mellow, sand and rock bottom wave.

One thing to note is that if the waves are too busy here you can always hoof it to another quality pointbreak called Cathedral located off a quaint fishing village, which makes surfing Imsouane kinda like a two-for-one deal.

Anchor Point - Morocco's most famous righthand pointbreak

Once it goes over a certain size, there are more spectators than surfers.

Ahhh... Anchor Point. What can we say that hasn't already been said about this legendary righthander in Taghazout?

It can hold up to triple overhead swells and run for nearly 300 metres when it's big. It can also support a decent size crowd since there are multiple takeoff zones. This is where intermediate and advanced surfers come when the waves are big and the tide is low. And you only need to watch a few youtube clips of it pumping to see why it's so revered.

Banana Point - A sheltered pointbreak in Tamraght

An abundance of long smooth rides in Banana Point.

Banana Point is kinda like Anchor Points' little brother. It's a righthand pointbreak too but it can't hold as much swell as Anchor Point.

The good news is that Banana Point in Tamraght is somewhat sheltered from north winds. Surfing here is cruisy about 90% of the time, but don't be fooled into thinking this is a basic wave. Banana Point can and does get really good thanks to the sand and cobblestone bottom that provides enough push for surf craft of all shapes and sizes.

Anza - A consistent beachie with a variety of breaks

Early morning Anza, a swell magnet.

South of Taghazout and Tamraght is Anza - a wide-open stretch of sand that's often very fun and very consistent with both a lefthander and a righthander plus multiple peaks along the beach.

The beachie on the right side is great for beginners. Very mellow and soft when small. On the left side, you’ll find an A-frame wave that breaks over a reef with a decent righthander. It’s more suited to advanced surfers.. Plus, bonus points for Anza being a beachbreak. Because after navigating tricky pointbreak rock jumps, it’s nice to paddle out from the sand once in a while.

Now, has reading this got you keen to surf Southern Morocco? Great! It's one of our favourite surf zones in the world and we can't wait to show it to you.

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