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Surf Guiding & Surf Coaching:
Always chasing the best waves for your level.

Join a small group of surfers, share the line-up with friends and improve your surfing!


What's the Surf Explorer?

The Surf Explorer is a package available on some of our group surf trips.

If you're a confident surfer looking to  surf good waves for your level with a small group of friends, join the Surf Explorer.

We are not restricted by schedules: every day we follow the tides and the winds to score the best conditions for your level.

You can join the Surf Explorer in one of our group surf trips:

Lajares, Fuerteventura (March 2023)
Algarve, Portugal (June and September 2023)
Aourir, Morocco (new dates in 2023)
Lombok, Indonesia (new dates in 2024)

Not sure if the Surf Explorer is right for you?
Find out what's your surf level or get in touch with Riccardo!


People that join the Surf Explorer are usually intermediate or advanced intermediate surfers:  they reach the line-up confidently, catch waves on their own in a variety of conditions and they are looking to improve their skills and score fun waves.

Every day, we drive together to surf different spots and we are always with you, whether supervising from the beach, giving tips in the line-up or filming you!

At the end of the week, take home with you videos and photos of your surf trip!

Are you an advanced surfer? Get in touch so we can recommend the best surf trip for your level.


The Surf Explorer groups are usually up to 6 surfers of similar level. This way, every time it's like going to the water with a small group of friends (and coaches) to learn and progress together. There's no better feeling!


With few schedules except those dictated by tides and winds, we spend the day looking for surf. We go the extra mile looking for fun, uncrowded conditions and decide together where to surf every session. This is what we mean with Surf Guiding.


All week, you will be followed by one or more surf guides that will be in the water with you, or filming. Seeing yourself surfing on video is one of the best ways to correct mistakes and progress. Twice a week we'll walk through the footage of your waves and identify areas of improvement for the next sessions.

Video Analysis is one of the main tools of Surf Coaching.


Once a week we will do a theory lesson about the area you're in and its waves. Surf different spots, learn more about them and how to read a forecast. Our surf guides love to share their knowledge and are happy to answer to any questions you might have about surfing!


With warm weather and consistent swells, it's not uncommon to score
dreamy conditions without too much crowd.

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