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What's the Surf Explorer package?

If you're a confident surfer looking to  surf good waves for your level with a small group of friends, join the Surf Explorer.
We are not restricted by schedules: every day we follow the tides and the winds to score the best conditions for your level.

You can join the surf Explorer in one of our surf trips in Morocco, Portugal and Fuerteventura.

Not sure if the Surf Explorer is right for you?
Find out what's your surf level or get in touch with Riccardo!


People that join the Surf Explorer are usually intermediate or advanced intermediate surfers:  they reach the line-up confidently, catch waves on their own in a variety of conditions and they are looking to improve their skills.

If you're an advanced surfer, get in touch so we can recommend the best surf trip for your level!


The Surf Explorer groups are usually up to 6 surfers (3 in Mirleft) of similar level. This way, every time it's like going to the water with a small group of friends (and coaches) to learn and progress together. There's no better feeling!


With no schedule except those dictated by tides and winds, we spend the day looking for surf. We go the extra mile looking for fun, uncrowded conditions and decide together where to surf every session.


All week, you will be followed by one or more surf guides that will be in the water with you or filming. Seeing yourself surfing on video is one of the best ways to correct mistakes and progress. Twice a week we'll walk through the footage of your waves and identify areas of improvement for the next sessions.


Once a week we will do a theory lesson about the area you're in and its waves. Surf different spots, learn more about them and how to read a forecast. Our surf guides love to share their knowledge and are happy to answer to any questions you might have about surfing!

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Take your next surf trip with full safety & flexibility!

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1. Protection before & during your surf trip

We introduced a brand new  optional cancellation & medical insurance service.
With this you can:
- Get a refund in case you get Covid-19 or if you're not able to travel due to severe illness.
- Get a refund in case you had close contact with a Covid-19 infected and have to go into quarantine before departure date.
- Get 24/7 travel assistance.
- Get medical assistance during your surf trip.

Add the optional cancellation insurance during the booking process!

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2. Book safely!

If the government of the surf trip destination decides to close its borders and prevents you from entering the country – or if it imposes a mandatory quarantine period on arrival – The Surf Tribe will be forced to cancel the trip and the entire amount paid will be returned to you in form of a ‘The Surf Tribe Voucher’ with a 12 months validity, to be used for any future surf adventure with us without any additional cancellation fee*.

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3. Reduced booking deposit

We're now giving everyone the chance of confirming your spot in advance on any of our upcoming surf trips by paying just a 100€ deposit. Balance the remaining amount 60 days before departure to complete your booking and join us in the line-up!

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4. Reschedule free of charge!

Our notice period was initially 60 days, but now it’s just 30 days. This means you can change your trip, for any reason, up to 30 days before your scheduled departure date. No hassle, no questions asked, and no charge. If you choose to amend your booking, you can select any new departure date. We’re very flexible, and will work on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best solution is found for you!

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5. Safe and reliable partners

With all our local partners we have ensured that the regulations adopted by the host country to deal with the Covid-19 situation are maintained and observed.

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6. We're here to help

We want you to have full confidence when booking any of our upcoming trips. It's easy to get in touch with us: we're always stoked to talk surf adventures and advise you on what's best for you and your friend!

Here you can check out the latest travel condition policies for Portugal, Morocco, Italy (FAQ) and Spain (Canary Islands).

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*For any other eventuality our Terms & Conditions apply.

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