Everyone who has ever learned to surf knows that the skill gap between beginner and intermediate is quite vast.

What many surf professionals don't tell you though is that upon reaching the intermediate level, progression to an advanced surfing level can be quite slow.

The honest truth though?

It doesn't have to be.

After countless surf guiding trips and surf coaching  intermediate surfers, we've developed a special formula to make you a better surfer. And thanks to our Surf Guiding package, you can now progress rapidly in a shorter amount of time without sacrificing technique or style.

Of course, we understand that this might sound too good to be true. But we promise that by the end of this article, you'll know exactly how our surf coaching takes people just like you from skilled intermediate to confident shredder.

Read on to learn more or check out this page to determine whether you’re ready to join the Surf Guiding.

Stefano, the surf tribe's co-founder, giving some tips on positioning before heading into the line-up.

What is our Surf Guiding package?

Simply put, surf guiding and surf coaching in Portugal is a specifically designed program for intermediate and advanced surfers who want to refine their technique and surf better while also enjoying excellent conditions, good company and a genuine go-where-the-best-waves-are surfing experience.

Who should join it?

Anyone at an intermediate or advanced level should consider surf coaching in Portugal or surf guiding. But it's especially useful for keen surfers who might not have access to waves all-year round.

For example: you might live in a landlocked country or only have time to surf a few weeks of the year. If that sounds like you, then a program like the Surf Guiding that allows you to make fast yet thorough progress (and have heaps of fun) within a small window is perfect!

We believe that improving to have more fun is more important than hyper-performance. Alternative shapes and fin setups in Fuerteventura.

How does it make you a better surfer?

How exactly does our surf coaching and surf guiding in Portugal make you a more well-rounded and confident surfer? By exposing you to the following four pillars for surf progression.

Small group sizes (similar skill level)

The more people in a group, the less attention we can give to each surfer. With that in mind, we only run surf guiding with between 2 - 6 surfers of similar abilities.

This not only helps us to understand your skills and limitations (allowing us to provide more insightful feedback), but it also means you really get to know your fellow intermediate surfers and enjoy good waves with friends. And isn’t that what a surf trip is all about?

Riccardo and Stefano, the Surf Tribe's founders, heading into the line-up together with the week's Guiding group in the South of Portugal.

Total flexibility to ensure we score

The better the quality of waves, the faster you progress - it's the oldest adage in the learn-to-surf world.

For this reason, we ensure that you're in the right spot at the right time, every time. We ask our local contacts where the best sandbanks are, keep one eye on the forecast at all times and always go the extra distance if it means surfing empty, perfect waves. This is our surf guiding and surf coaching style in a nutshell and it ensures you always score in places such as the Algarve.

Expert video analysis

Jaw-dropping surfing occurs when you bridge the gap between how you actually surf and how you think you surf. And there's no better way to marry these extremes than with bi-weekly video sessions.

You iron out technical flaws, correct your on-wave style, learn how to catch more waves and ultimately ride them better with expert video coaching - it really is a shortcut to surfing like your heroes. Plus, we'd be lying if we said it wasn't fun watching each other wipe out!

More time in the water = increased surf knowledge

The more waves you surf, the more familiar you become with the spot in question and your capabilities.

Reading the tide, anticipating how waves break and decoding forecasts are all achieved by spending more time in the water, which is why we maximise your surf sessions during our Surf Guiding trips and make the most of every day.

The result is that you quickly develop a strong relationship with the waves and start to understand what's possible (and not possible) on any given day.

Laura in the Maldives: high levels of stoke after another fun session!


If you're looking for a surf coaching or surf guiding Portugal program that’ll take your surfing to the next level in a short amount of time, then this is definitely for you.

The package covers all the bases - from small group sizes and expert coaching to total flexibility and more time in the water - so you can make fast yet thorough progress and learn a few life lessons along the way!

Are you ready to surf better and faster for longer?

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