This journey introduces us to different people and stories that share one common thread; their genuine passion for surfing. 

Surf tourism in Morocco, and in particular in the Agadir area, has seen an explosive growth during the last 5 years. More and more people from all over the world flock to this area to enjoy the waves and the surf camp-lifestyle.

But there is much more to be discovered beyond this facade; a reality made of small family businesses, passionate local surfers and unique characters with interesting stories to tell. 

With so many fascinating stories waiting to be told, there was no better moment to collect them than this winter during our moroccan surf trip. Together with our video maker Gianluca Fortunato and guided by Redouane Regragui 2019 Moroccan surfing champion and his familiy, we end up exploring Morocco's amazing surf culture.

Moroccan Pro Surfer Redouane Regragui with Stefano from The Surf Tribe
Redouane Regragui & Stefano from The Surf Tribe having fun after a sunset surf session.

During this journey Redouane takes us through different waves around the area, from classic Anchor Point to little known spots. Through his eyes, the eyes of his family and those of iconic local surfers we experience the authentic culture of a land so near but yet so far. 

legendary Surf spot The Bay in Imsouane Morocco
Waves rolling in at the Bay, Imsouane's legendary surf spot, well-known for being one of the longest waves in Africa.

While sipping his cup of mint tea behind the well-known surf spot of Anza, Randolph Benzaquen Moroccan writer and pioneer surfer of the ’70s tells how surfing shaped his life in a way that goes beyond the simple act of riding waves. He witnessed the impact that seeing the first Australian and American surfers had on the local Berber communities first-hand. Randolph is a living legend and inspiration for many surfers.

The Moroccan shaper Thierry Delbourg tells how inspiring pioneers like Randolph have been for his career. After working for almost 30 years in Reunion Island Thierry returned to Morocco to dedicate himself to support young Moroccan surf athletes like Redouane achieve their goals and dreams through high-performance surfboards.

Thierry Delbourg and Redouane Regragui during the WQS 5,000 in Morocco
Redouane Regragui and his shaper Thierry Delbourg during the WQS 5,000 in Anza.

Belonging to another generation, Tarik Zrilida is one of the few shapers in the town of Tamraght. He learned the techniques of shaping on his own and decided to turn this passion into his job when he was 22, and recently moved from Rabat to Tamraght to chase new opportunities. An amazing example of how pure and authentic passion empowers local surfers to pursue their dream.

For more than 45 years Morocco has been a pilgrimage destination for surfers and travellers from all over the world. Arakmaja shows how despite its long surfing past, Morocco still embodies the genuine values of a young surf culture.

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