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The tribe, the mission and our friends around the world

We founded The Surf Tribe in 2019 to share our passion for surfing and exploring that inspires every single surf trip we organize.

We met in 2017 while riding the long right-hand point breaks of Morocco; after three months of surfing and escaping the winter, we decided to chase some more waves in Indonesia, where we had one of the best surf trips of our life.

Inspired by our different experiences we set on finding a way to share our love for surfing and authentic travel experiences with like minded people.

Two years and a bunch of other surf trips later, The Surf Tribe was born in 🇨🇭, our current home away from the sea.

We believe that the best moments happen when we're following our passions, creating and sharing memorable experiences with open minded people, in beautiful and authentic places.

We follow the seasons and the swells and set up camp for a while in places we love, surrounded by old & new friends. We strive to help passionate surfers and travelers have unique surf experiences, be able to share their passion and improve their surf skills in places we love and know.

A young surf & travel company started and run by friends.
A tribe of surfers like you!

Founded by:


Loves: good pizza & hollow waves.


Loves: a long ride & his trusted guitar.


Loves: his single fin & historical facts.

Gianfranco 🇵🇹 / 🇮🇹

Riccardo 🇮🇹 / 🇨🇭

Stefano 🇨🇭/ 🇮🇹

Loves: good pizza & hollow waves.

Loves: a long ride & his trusted guitar.

Loves: his single fin & historical facts.

Surf Tribe Friends

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If you'd like to get in touch with us, send us an email or a WhatsApp and we'll get back to you as soon as we're out of the water!

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