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The other day, as I was scrolling on Instagram, something curious happened: I got an advertisement from Ikea.

While I'm undeniably my early 30s, the fact that I'm chasing waves around most of the time means I don't often get targeted by online furniture ads. But this time, something was off.

There were water, waves and Rob Machado (one of the only two surfers appearing as themselves in 2007's classic movie "Surf's Up").

The advertising copy told me I should buy some "surf-inspired" products. Towels, glasses and lampshades alongside coffee tables and balance boards – presumably to be more sustainable, and happier.

If surfing going "mainstream" is all about reaching a certain demographic and greenwashing brands, then we hope surfing stays niche.

Bonus: Quiksilver x Stranger Things "Strange Surfing" video episode (and product line).

No t-shirt, no shoes, no product placements and no worries.
Unknown dude enjoying
Spring in Arrifana.

Despite some of the gloomy faces I sometimes (rarely) encounter in the line-up, I am quite sure that there are very few surfers that jump in the ocean for any other reason than pure love of surfing.

  • There is no doubt that Justine Dupont loves what she does, and the heights she reaches are only possible because of her total commitment and passion. From competition to the liquid mountains of Nazaré, Mavericks and Jaws, watch La Folie: The Rise of Justine Dupont
  • Love for surfing often goes (or at least should) go hand in hand with love and gratitude for the ocean at the coastal environment. Aiyana Powell and Johanna Brebner surf in Tasmania, in a film celebrating the beauty of untouched and undeveloped coastlines and highlighting the importance of helping to protect these wild places so the natural world can thrive. Big Old Blue - Aiyana Powell & Johanna Brebner

While shortboard surfing can feel like it's pushing you to be more competitive and "aggressive" in your approach to surfing, riding longer boards and single fins is an exercise that can push you right back to a slower feeling and a deeper connection with the waves (nothing wrong with "ripping" on a shortboard, we love it!). Here's some inspiration:

  • "Andy & Nick" creatively and stylishly surfing single fin midlenghts in a dreamy looking left-hander. Must watch on repeat for goofy-footers!
  • Steph Gilmore and an all start crew of surfers "Doin the dance" (and ripping!).
  • What about ditching the fins altogether? Joan Rodin has his "Head in the Clouds". Incredibly frictionless surfing and solid music selection, recommended!