It’s sunny in Portugal and waves have been pretty good.

But now the wind is blowing strong from north-west and that means we get to spend a bit more time at home, getting stoked for the next surf session.

We were lucky enough that some of the world’s best surfers decided to release some incredible surfing videos; I’m just going to share two (and a few more next week) since they are long-ish and I feel that – if you’re a lover of surfing – they deserve your full attention.

This is some of the best surf you can possibly see online.

Surfing at its finest.

John John Florence is considered by many – me included – as the best surfer in the world. Look for proof no further than in this recap of his winter at home for proof. Along different spots on the North Shore of Oahu, JJF displays some of the most fearless, powerful and technical surfing you will ever see.

These are his Maps of Home.

Mikey February has to be one of the most pleasant surfers to watch. His rhythm on the waves is unique: languid and explosive, classic and fresh. In this video, he explores the coast of South Africa through the lenses of music: hard not to see his surfing as some kind of jazz. Here are his

Sonic Souvenirs

More surfing:

  • On Est Esemble is a stunning portrait of Senegalese surfer Cherif Fall.
    Surfing isn’t a thing for white and blacks. It’s everywhere. For everyone. If you want to do it, then do it. Today that is what we believe in. I would love people to help the Senegalese surfers, as we have a lot of surfers who surf really well now. A lot of people say there are no black surfers but here there is us, me, the people you see here. We are all ready to show our Senegalese surfing.
  • Do you think Malia Manuel is ready for the competition in Western Australia? With SOLID waves forecasted for the start of the World Tour, she surfed for the first time one of the surf spots that will host this competition: the infamous The Box.

See you soon in your inbox for a few more showcases of Surfing at its finest.

Stay stoked.