For the first time in the Olympics history, surfing is in the Games.

(Also skating, but that’s a story for another newsletter).

As you might know, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics started this Friday, one year delayed by this big thing going on called a pandemic. Surfing finally made its Olympic debut yesterday night.

And you know what? Fortunately there’s actually going to be waves and surfers will be able to showcase to a truly global audience what this sport is all about. Don’t have anything against linking to Reuters but for more reliable forecasting you can check here why also Surfline agrees.

The ranking system to select the 40 surfers representing their countries is quite convoluted and some odd choices regarding replacements that I’m not complaining about went on (glad Leonardo Fioravanti is representing Italy as a replacement for South African Jordy Smith). Here’s how Leo prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

At the same time competition itself will be quite similar to what’s going on in usual surf competitions at all levels. Whoever gets the two best waves in their matchups, repeatedly, will bring home a gold medal.


Quite confusing, right?

And now for the real important questions:

  1. Who are the 20 female and 20 male surfers competing in Tokyo 2020?
    Here’s the full list. I’m personally rooting for Leonardo Fioravanti (ITA), Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR) and the two young Portuguese surfers Yolanda Sequeria (POR) and Teresa Bonvalot (POR). 
  2. Where can you watch the competitions?
    If you’re in Europe you can watch it on Eurosport and this is the link with the full schedule. Prepare to stay up late or wake up early. If you’re outside of Europe, you can find all the relevant links on the ISA page.

May the best one win. Oh, and for the Paris 2024 Olympics it has already been confirmed that the surfing even will be at Teahupoo in Tahiti. There won't be a lack of waves there for sure.

Surfer going over the falls at Teahupoo.

Now that all this Olympic info is out of the way, here is some fresh content to make you dream of surfing.

  • We’re fans of Torren Martyn’s effortlessly stylish surfing and we are in love with Morocco so there’s no way we are not sharing this on-the-road adventure. Oh, how we miss this place. Hopefully this winter we’re back there again.
    And if you liked this one, episode 1 is also totally recommended.
  • Who’s Caroline Marks? From Florida, started surfing at 10 and joined the world tour at 15. Qualified for the Olympics at 17 and just smashed through her first heat. She’s just getting started. Anyway, THAT’S CAROLINE.
  • I have to be honest, I think longboarding is amazing and I am mesmerised by longboarders riding waves when I watch them in person but I often find myself bored to watch videos online. Not when it’s Andy Nieblas surfing; trust me you’re yet to see someone riding the waves so creatively. This video is called SPAM but I can assure you this is not spam.
  • Stabmag probably has some of the most entertaining and forward thinking surf content out there. I recently enjoyed the Electric Acid Surfboard Test with Mason and Coco Ho (behind a paywall unfortunately so I won’t link it here). They just release their first episode of Stab High Central America. 16 male surfers from all over the world, 8 female surfers aged 15 and under: whoever makes the two best aerial manoeuvres wins. The highlight? 13 yo Erin Brooks landing the best air so far for a perfect score.

See you soon in the line-up.