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"I just spent my whole life – so far –working out how to spend as much time in the water as possible. Maybe I would have a better car, a house or a mortgage.. but it’s not really what I want. [...]

So much of being a great surfer, I think, is removed from actually riding a wave: knowing how the ocean moves, reading its energy and knowing when to go and when to let go.

I think that’s why surfers spend so much of their lives staring at the ocean, because there’s so much to stare at."

Drew McPherson in A State of Play. If you just click on a link this week, let it be this one.

In case you were wondering, we have been enjoying a mild winter down in Portugal. As forecasted in the last Shaka, there was one big swell (that lit up all of Europe and Nazaré) and then a series of smaller swells with good winds, clean conditions and sunny skies. Weeks spent in a state of play.

With waves like this, it's hard not to spend all day in the Ocean.

Whether you just got out of the water or your next session is still months away, you always need to keep that surf stoke high: here are some humans playing on different kinds of waves, for your viewing pleasure.


  • What does it feel and look like surfing J-Bay (South Africa), one of the best right-hand point breaks in the world? I don't know, but this video made me feel like I was there: Surfing JBay - A New Perspective with Dylan Lightfoot.
  • Of course most of us (me included) don't surf like the professionals in the videos, but surfing can be an art form in all kinds of ways. Watch a conversation about surf crafts and art: Art Form.
  • When your actual surname is Barrel and you live in Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, there are good chances you're going to turn out a good surfer: "[...] Rajo started off surfing on broken scraps of visitors' boards, but when Matt Biolos visited Lakey's, he noticed his talent and decided to make him some boards". Rajo Barrel.


Every Winter some of the best surfers in the world flock to the North Shore of Oahu to hunt for the gnarliest waves and the biggest barrels of their lives at the Banzai Pipeline. While visiting surfers get their share of the spotlight with heroic rides and death-defying wipeouts, it's usually the Hawaiian locals that get the best waves in their own home.

Remember to always remain in a state of play and see you in the line-up in 2022.

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