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When we daydream of surfing, our minds usually wander towards idyllic and remote tropic destinations.You know the drill: crystal clear water and windless peaks. Boardshorts and bikinis. Long days in the sun.

Truth is, most of us from the Northern Emisphere spend more water time in a wetsuit than out of it. Yes, we might get a few Summer days warm enough to get in the water free and light but most of the time the choice is between a 3/2mm and a 4/3mm.

Thing is, sometimes the most memorable sessions come when you're wearing booties and a hoodie: if you brave the cold, you might just luck in some of the best waves of your life – with few people around.

Insert yourself here. Algarve, Spring 2021. Sunny and warm, wetsuit still needed.

To make you feel better about getting in a still damp, cold wetsuit in the early morning, here are some videos of people braving the cold this Winter and scoring:

  • Every time Torren Martyn releases a surf edit, we watch. Here, we see him dancing in the Northern Atlantic, where when all the elements line up, magic sometimes happens. Distant Shore - Torren Martyn.
  • Scotland might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of surfing: let Sancho, Jonathan Gonzalez and Being Large immediately change your mind. Watch Highlanders.
  • In between heats at the Peniche surfing contest in March, John John Florence put on display his powerful and stylish surf around different cold spots. Surfing through Portugal - John John Florence.
  • The pros that stayed a bit longer after the contest were rewarded with a super bank that delivered for a few days. Let me tell you, it was cold and it was offshore and it was really good. Post-Contest Barrel Fest For WSL Pros - Peniche, Portugal.

And if you're still daydreaming of warm waters, either join us on a boat trip in the Maldives this October or watch one of the two videos below:

Warm or cold, don't forget to jump in the Ocean as soon as you can 🤙