Good morning everyone 👋.

Another Sunday is here and the sun is shining (at least where we are at the moment, 1/3 of the team in Switzerland, 1/3 in Italy and 1/3 Spain) but it’s important that we continue to #stayathome 🏡.

When we think of surf adventures we always tend to look far away: Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii… Often we forget how much we have still to see and experience close to home.

We were supposed to be soon en route to our favorite corner of Europe: the area of Aljezur in the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, for a Spring full of waves and good times.

Things do not always go as planned and the next Surf Tribe adventure is on hold; we are now waiting and seeing when our Surf & Glamping experience will start – hopefully this summer & autumn – and hopefully we’ll get to share the lineup with old and new friends again! 🙏

Ok, here we go: let’s dream a bit together of surf adventures in the Old Country!


Nic Von Rupp is a German / Portuguese surfer – or should we say madman – that has been turning heads lately. He just released his new Vlog “Von Froth” and in the first episode he prepares for and surfs the giant waves of Nazare during the Nazare Challenge.

Recommended vision below 👇

And here are three extra reasons why he’s one surfer you should definitely keep your eyes on:

  • He got barrelled on the left of one of the scariest big waves spots in the world, Mavericks (people usually only go right, here).


The north of Spain is a beautiful area of Europe, with stunning sceneries, good waves and friendly people: in particular, the Basque Country – an autonomous region – has strong cultural traditions, a celebrated cuisine (think Pinxtos 😋) and a very distinct language.

One of the best left-hand waves in the world:

@jonbakio just released a three episodes mini-series focusing on this region through the eyes of @natxogonzalez1, up-and-coming big wave surfer from the Basque Country:

1.  Bizkaia: The making of Mundaka

2.  Gipuzkoa: The watermen of the Basque Country

3.  Olatu handiak: The Basque big wave way

Want to see more of Mundaka? This clip from the Last Swell before the Covid-19 lockdown is a good place to start 😱.

Also, you should check out La Primera Ola, a movie about how surfing started in Spain.

In a few different occasions we travelled through the north of Spain, exploring Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country. We want to go back as soon as possible… should we organise a Surf Tribe trip in the north of Spain too? 👀


We all know Nazare for its gigantic waves; what we often forget is that on smaller days it’s one of the best beach breaks in Portugal. @helio_antonio is a local photographer and never ceases to impress us with his images from this beautiful stretch of coast 🇵🇹.

And if you’re thinking it’s only guys tackling the giant waves of Nazare, well, think twice. Maya Gabeira and Justine Dupont are two of the women that have been blowing minds at the biggest wave in the world surf spot.