Hello girls & boys, we hope it has been a good week.

To be completely honest with you, our sense of time has been stretching and twisting in weird directions and we’re not really sure it’s already Sunday again – but the Calendar says so and we trust the Calendar.

Last week’s we wrote about how we’re totally surf fanboys: our reader Moni replied to the newsletter and let us kindly notice that there’s also totally surf fangirls:

Forgot that there's also totally surf fangirls ;)
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Ouch. Sometimes, being three boys ourselves, we tend not to be careful and inclusive enough in what we write. Inclusivity often starts from language, and things like these really do matter. Please, do keep us accountable for our blunders 🙏.

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Female surfer longboarding photo by Luki O'Keefe
Photo: Luki O'Keefe


This week the movie “Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable ” was finally released on Netflix.

We were not sure what to expect from it but honestly it’s just inspiring: Bethany makes what seems impossible possible through pure grit and strength and determination. Again, and again, and again.

Without a doubt one of the most complete, powerful and fearless surfers there are. Need proof?

  • Throwing technical aerial manoeuvres? Check.
  • Surfing giant Puerto Escondido and getting pinned to the bottom of the ocean (we’re terrified just writing this)? Check.
  • Surfing Jaws? 6 months after giving childbirth? Check.
  • Surfing Teahupoo, one of the scariest barreling waves in the world? Why not.
Also, she’s going to try to qualify this year (or next year, since at the moment all WSL events through end of May have been either canceled or postponed). We can’t wait to see that happening.


As surfers, we are lucky to have at our disposal what’s probably the most incredible playground mother nature has ever created.

But our oceans need caring, now more than ever. That’s why this week we’re bringing a few stories that we hope will inspire you.

We’d love to keep sharing stories like this, so if you see/read something please forward it to us with an email to shaka@thesurftribe.com 🌊🤙

Fight for the Bight Australia says no to big oil

The Head of the Bight

Heath Joske is a Patagonia Ambassador who lives, surfs and fishes in the Great Australian Bight. He knows that an oil spill in the Bight would ruin this pristine coastline and has campaigned strongly against Equinor’s plans to turn the Bight into a dangerous, deep water oil field. In this short film Heath journeys west across the Bight coast meeting local fishermen, scientists, surfers and activists who’ve all spoken up loudly in defence of the Bight. Heath’s destination is the Head of the Bight where he meets the indigenous custodians, already displaced by the “black mist” of the Maralinga nuclear tests and now facing another threat to their way of life.

Good news is that the Great Australian Bight Alliance managed to make BP, Chevron, Karoon Gas, and more recently Equinor withdraw their plans to drill for oil in the Great Australia Bight 🙏.

Voices for the Ocean

We protect what we love. Between the waves they shared on a recent Sumbawa trip, Belinda Baggs, Liz Clark and Moona Whyte also had an opportunity to share how their lives as surfers have led them to a life of committed activism.

Saving Martha

Tasmania is regarded as one of the wildest, most pristine states in Australia. In recent years however that reputation has been tarnished by the boom of the local salmon farming industry. With environmental regulations struggling to keep pace with the industry’s growth, the marine environments that host the industry have been significantly impacted and in some cases have approached collapse. When the industry set their sights on opening up a new territory on neighboring King Island – adjacent to the world-class waves of Martha Lavinia Beach – they were unaware they were also picking a fight with surfers worldwide.


Since we were talking about scary Teahupoo just before…


The three stories about ocean conservation, have been produced by one brand that inspires us with its unique way of doing business. Its mission statement?

We’re In Business To Save Our Home Planet.

Can you guess which company we are talking about?  Here the answer.