Hello from the Shaka – the surf tribe’s extremely irregular surf newsletter 👋

First things first: Happy New Year.

The whole tribe was in Fuerteventura right before winter and we spent a few weeks surfing fun waves with guests from all over the world. It was awesome, we’re repeating in February and you can watch a short video about it:

We hope you ended 2021 and/or started 2022 by surfing: small waves, big waves, wind-blown waves, crowded waves it doesn’t matter. Of course if you scored… that’s all the sweeter.

Stefano was in the water around Rome on Jan 3rd and this is his surf report:

“I had my first surf of 2022 today and I felt like a floating Panettone. It took me so long to get into the water that by the time that I did the wind had picked up, all but ruining the waves. On my third duckdive my brain froze, just like when you eat granita too quickly. I can’t wait to go surfing again tomorrow or the day after!”.

If this surf report didn’t make you too stoked to jump in the water, here are some videos and articles that definitely will.


Read (and feast in images) about the best swells of the year that just passed: one can only dreams.
Are you a goofy foot (right foot forward)? This one’s for you: the year of the goofy.


Apparently Europe is about to go XXL (a very big swell with a long period range are hitting the coast as soon as this weekend). This could mean large surf from Ireland all the way to Morocco and the Canary Islands. This is what La Misteriosa wave in the Canaries looked like on the last giant swell.

Are you a landlocked surfer? Worry not, there are hopes of surfing for everyone: just check this video about surfing in Canada, on the Great Lakes!


Don’t take my word for it: two interesting interviews of up-and-coming young surfers. Ziggy Aloha Mackenzie, 13 years old and charging in the island of Bali or Westen Hirst, a local grom from Sumbawa showing up, charging and turning heads all over Indonesia.
The kids are doing more than alright.

Stay stoked and salty and see you in the line-up in 2022!