We like to think of the shaka as an ever evolving bookmark for your surfing cravings, with fresh content to click on during the week anytime you feel the need for a surfing-related video or article.

I know. I know that usually there is some kind of introduction here, a few paragraphs to ease you in the topics of the week and the links you can watch / read.

Fact is, there’s too many good links this week so – hope you don’t mind – we’re going straight to that.

All content, no filler.

  • It seems that every few shakas there is a Mason Ho video. In my opinion, this one beats them all. Big, hollow and very very scary waves, no wonder there’s only Mason and Sheldon in the water. Also, how neat is the sneakers trick to travers treacherous reefs? Not that I’d ever surf a wave like that anyway.
  • Left Astray: what happens when you bring stylish longboarder Josie Prendergast and radical surfer Jaleesa Vincent in the moon-like landscape of Perù to surf one of the longest lefts in the world? Good surfing happens. A lot of good surfing.
  • It seems that all surfers coming out of West Oz miss a few screws in the head. Young Jacob Willcox is no different, and in these 15 minutes he traverses insane cave after insane cave. Love it!
  • We saw on the last edition of the shaka that Hurricane Epsilon brought monster waves to Nazarè and perfect peaks all over Europe’s coastline. Basque country surfer Naxto Gonzalez scored at home, in Mundaka’s rivermouth, for a sunrise to sundown unforgettable surf session.
  • What happens if you’re a local surfer at Desert Point Lombok (one of the best left hand barrels on planet)? Well, there’s a good chance you will get extremelly barreled throughout your life; just look below for proof.
  • Bonus insta post: Peter Mel, big wave surfer, talking 1999 surf history. The man hasn’t slowed down at all, just check his last week’s wave at the same spot (Mavericks).

Which videos did you enjoy this week?