The word is out and the word is good. We're teaming up with the boldly off-kilter Toxic Magic Shapes for an intimate surf symposium to usher in the first day of summer. Read on to learn more about this surf retreat and the people behind it.

Ask any surfer whether they want to shape their own boards and they'll all say the same thing.

Hell, bloody, yes.

But ask them again in 10 years time whether they ever managed to wrangle the time, space and money to do it themselves and most will say no.

Rhosanna and Matthew at work on their craft.

Matt and Rhosana, the low-key power couple leading the Algarve-based Toxic Magic Shapes crew, aren’t the type to say no to such a project. Which is to say that while others talk, they do. And they do it well.

So what exactly is Toxic Magic?

They're a collective of surfboard shapers first and foremost, crafting everything from resin-tinted logs to playful bonzers and trippy quads in their shed-turned-studio located conveniently between the Algarve’s west and south coast. But they're also artists in the truest sense, curating a community where freedom of expression is king.

This is what we hope to tap into by running an intimate 6-person retreat with the Toxic Magic crew. So if you consider yourself an open-minded surfer with an eye of adventure, this trip is right up your alley.

Not only do you get to hang with cool, welcoming people from all over the world. You’ll also get a unique insight into all things surfing, shaping and the Algarve. This means:

  • Workshops with head shaper Matt whereby you’ll learn the finer points of shaping and come away with a comprehensive understanding of how board design affects performance
  • Access to the Algarve’s best surf breaks (yes… the uncrowded ones that most of people don’t know about)
  • The ability to feel, ride and experience a wide range of different types of longboards that range from the traditional to the avant-garde
  • The opportunity to both refine and build on your surfing skills under the guidance of lifelong surfers willing to share their own unique brand of surf wisdom
  • Accommodation that’s both spacious and comfy with ample areas to chill, hang with other guests and otherwise enjoy that famous Algarve sunshine
  • A one-of-a-kind experience that’s suited to confident surfers who want to further both their surfboard knowledge and their surfing skills in a stunning location

And one-of-a-kind it will be.

Beyond the comfy beds, good vibes and access to epic waves, you can also pick the brains of Matthew and the Toxic Magic crew. Which, quite frankly, gives you a unique opportunity to shave years of your surfing and surfboard shaping learning curve.

Throw in daily coaching and video analysis plus the ability to meet the many local longboarding legends based in the Algarve and it's shaping (pardon the pun) up to be a must-go event.

Matthew, cross-stepping towards the nose in front of a stunning Algarve background.

Stay tuned for our next article about this retreat where we chat with one-half of the Toxic Magic team. Not to be missed if you’re curious about what’s in store!

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